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EXCLUSIVE: PS3 Slim Best Buy Ad Leaked!

August 12, 2009

UPDATE: As many of you have noticed, certain parts of the ad seem fake.  Here is what my source told me when contacted:

“I cannot reveal my exact role, however, I can tell you that I work closely with the marketing department at Best Buy.  This ad is a mock up at best of the ad to be released in just over two weeks.  I cannot comment on the NeoGaf PS3 mock up as this is the material that we’re working with.  Many images are often used as placeholders.  The final ad will be touched up for grammar, punctuation, etc.  Hope this helps.”

Here at the Big Man and Garrett we like groundbreaking things.  Enjoy this.  Pictures below.  These were taken with a cell phone from an anonymous source.  Real?  Fake?  Definitely Awesome?




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