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…And Now for Something Completely Different

July 27, 2009

A little shout out there for the Monty Python fans…

Anyways, folks, I’ve decided to take my leave from the blog after all.  Even though the blog has picked up, there are too many factors that keep me from putting this site on the top of my list of things to do.  Here’s the low down:

First of all, I have too many obligations in my life to continue to post weekly; rather, obligations is the wrong word.  These are my choices in life that I prefer to live by.  My work, my other writing, my friends, family, and Allison are all dear to me and I am going to devote my time to them.  Second, as I mentioned before, my other writing takes precedent over my “blogging.”  I’m a novelist by love and a poet by experience; these articles have been an experiment in other forms.  Unfortunately, I’ve been finding myself spending the only writing time I have updating this column rather than working on either of my current book projects.  That being said, both of those projects must come first for me.  Third, the response to the articles was all wrong.  Aside from Celes and a few other gems out there, the intelligent conversation of gamers I wanted to spur on seems to have fallen flat, to quote Sotormayor or however you spell her name.  Perhaps I had too much faith in people on the internet, but I’ve grown tired of having to reiterate the same points over and over again to readers who barely take the time to read the title, let alone read the article.  Am I taking their criticisms to heart and leaving due to hurt feelings?  No.  I’m leaving to seek the avenue of intelligent, creative expression elsewhere.

Will I ever be back?  I don’t know.  You may see me in the back drop of a video blog here and there; though, I don’t know if the Big Man and Garrett will be pleased with me after this.  As far as writing?  Maybe if the clientele changes.  Right now, these articles are posted to the winds of the internet where ignorance and lack of morals reigns supreme.  If a day comes where the majority of readers respects the majority of authors as well as visa versa, then I’d happily come back and be a part of a dialogue that is currently nonexistent in today’s gaming culture.

To the few that joined in with me to talk above the bounds of “shoot him in the head,” thank you.  You all have made the experience worthwhile.  To those who tried to bring me down out of ignorance, My prayers are with you, because it will be the fools who destroy the world right along side evil.  To the TBMAG staff, don’t hate me?  Haha.

With that, peace and love interwebs.  It’s been fun and don’t worry; I’ll still be checking the site and returning responses and I’ll still be gaming.


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