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Sony Press Conference

June 2, 2009

Conference kicked off with a montage of PS3 games, not all exclusives.

Jack Tretton steps on stage. Jokes about all the leaks. Industry leaders in all aspects, even news leaks. 364 games coming out on Play Station platforms this year. Mentions many huge games, both exclusives and multiplatforms. Some talk about sales figures, and 10yr life cycles.

He shifts the focus to great games, and gives a nod to inFamous. 35 PS3 exclusives by the end of the year. Then he shifts to the co-pres of Naughty Dog to show off Uncharted 2. Beta opens tonight at midnight. Gameplay is shown, looking amazing. At this point the stream starts lagging, so further impressions would be skewed. Draw distance is amazing. Action is fast-paced and intense.

The next game featured is MAG, complete with live gameplay footage. 256 live players. Very impressive looking. Far more strategic than my initial impression.

The focus is once more shifted to the PSP. New tween focus, among more hardcore games. Then Kaz Hirai takes the stage.

He talks about the evolution of Playstation for a bit. Officially unveils the previously leaked PSP Go. Most people should know about this, but basically its sleeker, smaller, and has a 16gb Flash memory as opposed to UMDs. Compatible with all PSP games so far. Screen slides up to reveal controls. SenseMe is a new playlist generator that analyzes your stored music and makes a playlist based on your mood and preferences. Comes out October 1st. for 249.99. Talks about the delivery service a bit, now usable on PSP.

Next they talk about Gran Turismo PSP, which runs at 60 fps, and has tons of cars, tracks etc.”The full GT experience, not a shrunken one”. A trialer is shown, and the game is visually quite impressive. Comes out Oct 1.

Metal Gear Solid is next, Kojima steps on stage. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will feature Snake. It is set 10 years after MGS3, set in the 70’s. The ‘true’ sequel to the franchise. He is writing the script and the MGS4 team is heavily involved. He then shows a Peace Walker Trailer which looks amazing. Clearly the big game from his teaser site. The game deals with the beginnings of Outer Heaven. It is the ‘missing link’ in the MGS saga. Four Snakes are shown towards the end of the trailer. No mention is made of MGS:Rising.

Resident Evil portable is shown next. Designed specifically for the PSP. Game is coming in 2010. Other new PSP titles in 09 include LBP, SOCOM, Monster Hunter, MotorStorm, Hannah Montana and Harry Potter.

Next he talks about the PSN with a bunch of statistics and figures. FFVII on the store today, 50 more classic games coming. Talks about Home some, shows a commercial for it.

An impressive sizzle reel of upcoming PS3 games is shown. Included are: Uncharted 2, Infamous, Madden NFL 10, Final Fantasy XIII, MAG, Batman Arkham Asylum, Brutal Legend, White Knight Chronicles, Dirt 2, Ghostbusters, Ninja Gaiden Sigma II, Mafia II, Buzz Quiz World, Tekken 6, Overlord II, Red Faction Guerrilla, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, Dark Void, G-Force, Planet 51, Karaoke Revolution, Heavy Rain, Battlefield 1943, Gravity Crash, Hustle Kings, Trash Panic, Critter Crunch, Katamari Forever, Fat Princess, EyePet, Singstar: Queen, DC Universe Online, Fuel, and more.

Rockstar PS3 exclusive is announced, brand new property, called Agent. Set amidst assassins and espionage in the 1970’s, not much else is shown.

Assassin’s Creed 2 is presented and talked about some more. First gameplay is shown, similar to AC1, but looks improved. Glider gameplay is pretty nifty. Hot updrafts from fires are used to gain altitude. Dual hidden blades can be used for dual assassinations. Some AI actively look in hiding spots. The dissolve effect as the assassination is carried out is impressive. People who play AC on PSP will unlock exclusive weapons in AC2.

Final Fantasy XIII is shown off next, with a new trailer, mostly pre-rendered cutscenes. Gameplay is shown towards the end.

FFXIV is announced, a new MMORPG, for a 2010 launch.

Now Sony is introducing their new motion controller, sort of a baton that is tracked by the eyetoy. It is then demoed live. It is very responsive, and projects the virtual object onto the video of your hand which is impressive but a bit cheesy. Dual controllers can be used as well, to grab and manipulate objects. A painting mode is demonstrated, as well as precision in writing. Additionally it can be used mouselike to select things. The two wands are shown as a sword and shield, very precise and full of potential. They can also throw shurikens, and shoot arrows. It will launch in Spring 2010.

Little Big Planet is coming to PSP, and there will be new licensed costumes for LBP. A new PS3 franchise is announced next, in the same genre as LBP, ModNation Racers. A modern, user creation heavy Kart Racer. Fairly customizable, and has a good LBP vibe to it. Tracks, drivers, and cars can all be made from scratch, interface looks intuitive, and easy to use. Also there is a sheep button, so the game is an automatic success. Game will be out in 2010.

Next up is Trico, now known as The Last Guardian.Trailer is the same more or less as the one that leaked earlier although it seems to have received a graphical upgrade. Still looks stunning, and is personally my most anticipated game. There is some new footage of the boy interacting with the creature as well.

Next is some more footage of Gran Turismo 5, which is looking great.

Next, finally, is God of War 3. A live demo is shown on-screen. The game is gorgeous and fluid, and looks extremely fun in a brutal sort of way. The stream began lagging here unfortunately so further opinions would be skewed. Gory Quick Time kills are still very much present. The game is due out March 2010.

This wraps up both the Sony conference, and our coverage of the big 3. We may cover the Square Enix conference tomorrow, look forward to another video in the next couple days.


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