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Microsoft Press Conference

June 1, 2009

Well the presser started off with a fun video of The Beatles: Rock Band, very stylized, and trippy. Now Harmonix is showing off the gameplay, multiple singers and harmonies are featured. Game will launch on 9/9/09. Instruments look pretty spiffy. Game will have full album DLC, and includes 45 on disc songs including “Day Tripper”, “I Am The Walrus”, “Back In The USSR”, “Tax Man”, “Here Comes The Sun”, “Octopuses Garden”, “Get Back”, and “I Feel Fine”. “All You Need Is Love” which is XBL exclusive, proceeds going to charity.

MS will be announcing 10 brand new unannounced games at this conference.

Next up is the new Tony Hawk Ride, complete with plastic skateboard peripheral, shown on screen and on stage by Tony Hawk himself. Then a video compilation of pro skater reactions is shown, they seem pleased with it.

Next is a trailer for Modern Warfare 2. Seems very story driven. Lots of shooting people, explosions, snow mobiles, etc. XBL will have two map packs for MW2 as a timed exclusive.

Next some guys from Square Enix start talking about Final Fantasy. Then they show a 360 trailer for FFXIII. Odin is summonable in FFXIII, and there are now four Active gauges instead of 3. Game appears graphically lower than on PS3, possibly just the setting though.

Everything from here out is MS exclusive.

Cliffy B comes on stage representing Epic. His partner is having mic issues, but they are attempting to announce Shadow Complex for XBLA, based on Metroid among other things.

Next is Joy Ride another XBLA title, basically Xbox Avatar Kart. Free game so can’t complain, but it looks meh at best.

Crackdown 2 is announced next (called it, btw). Seems to involve some kind of infection/outbreak. Very exciting trailer.

Left 4 Dead 2 officially announced, coming Nov. 17, seems to have melee weapons, and looks kickass.

Splinter Cell Conviction trailer is next. Seems to have changed quite a bit from the original concept. Now some Ubisoft guys are playing a demo. Someone killed his daughter and he is out for blood. Comes out this fall, exclusively for 360.

Next up is racing games, specifically Forza 3, shipping in October. Trailer leaves much to be desired.
A demo is shown off, looks gorgeous. Customization is huge in the game.

Halo:ODST demo is shown, looks good. Super pistol from Halo 1 is back.

Halo: Reach is shown off coming in 2010. Reach beta will be included with ODST.

Alan Wake is finally shown off again, all in game footage, looking great. Coming in Spring 2010. is coming to 360/XBLive.
SkyTV coming to UK Xbox Live.
Video Library going full 1080p, and streaming.
Facebook for 360.
Felicia Day (Penny from Dr. Horrible, star of The Guild) presents Facebook stuff. Also she announced Twitter for XBLive.

Next Don Mattrick brings out Kojima who announces Metal Gear Solid Rising for 360. With the tagline: Raiden is back. Snake is said to not be featured in the game.

The new Xbox camera/motion control is shown off, looks kind of cheesy, but full of potential. Features voice recognition, and full body motion control. Called Project Natal at the moment, hopefully will change. Devs seem to love it.
Stephen Spielberg came on stage to talk about the new control system. He seems to love it, and sees it as the next great step. “not about reinventing the wheel, its about no wheel at all”
Avatars will move based on your motions, you can control the menus with hand motions and gestures. Facial recognition logs you in. Totally just dissed the Wii “waggle” controls. Several impressive tech demos are shown, using motion and voice recognition. Again, looks cheesy as all get out, yet fun, and has potential.

Peter Molyneux is up next. He is showing off Milo, a highly developed AI that responds to voice, emotions, face etc, all using the new Natal system. Objects can be ‘passed’ through the screen, where it is handed or thrown towards you, and you mime picking it up and utilizing it. Objects can be ‘handed’ back by scanning it into the system. Milo will be shown to select few behind closed doors.

That seems to be wrapping up the conference.

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