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Our first post…mother would be proud. E3 2009 Predictions!

May 19, 2009

Hey everyone. Hope you enjoy the video. Think of it as a ‘Director’s Cut’…and think of the director as a lazy S.O.B. For sake of time, and because yours truly has a case of the flu (hopefully not of the swine variety), we went ahead and uploaded the video in an unedited format. Please leave comments and tell us what you would like to see/have us review/talk about/etc. We appreciate your viewership and I know, the lighting starts to suck at the end. Oh well!


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  1. Brandon permalink
    May 28, 2009 11:38 pm

    First off, let me say that I’m not going to argue numbers with you guys mainly based on the fact that I don’t have the time or the drive to research and check your data. Following this, I’ve spoken to both of you and am relatively comfortable in assuming that you’re facts are right. That being said, there are more Wii’s out in the world right now than any other next gen system. You also state that they aren’t being used nearly as much. Allow me to put this theory up: The Tickle Me Elmo Realization Theory.
    Everyone remembers the craze over Tickle Me Elmo. Kids saw that you could tickle Elmo and he would actually laugh. That was new, fun, and exciting for a certain age bracket. Within two years, every single child who owned one could have cared less about it. Needless to say, they outgrew the amazement. I feel like Nintendo has gone down this same road. They came out with a system and basically yelled, “Oh, ours does stuff you’ve never seen before! Love it! Buy it!” Now, each year they seem to be building off of that. One year, there were mini games, then shooting, then the Wii Steering Wheel, and then the Wii Fit. They keep striving to keep that level of amazement up; however, just like the Elmo doll, everyone sees what it does, uses it for a few months, and moves on to activities that are long lasting. What Nintendo needs to do is create games that actually matter, such as Galaxy, Prime, Paper Mario, Smash Brothers, and others you mentioned. This is where my thoughts diverge.
    You both talk about how you want Nintendo to bring back the great first party series and spur on the love of the old school gamers. My question is: Where is Nintendo’s creativity? I mean, did they outlaw all forms of drugs in Japan? Why can’t they make a new amazing franchise and stop relying on characters they created back when Mother Russia was still lording over most of Europe? Sony and Microsoft seem to crap out new multimillion dollar franchises on a yearly basis (ie LBP and Gears of War as of recent). Nintendo needs to hire some writers and consider the meat of their games rather than making some new spin on them. Yes, Galaxy was great, but they have the capacity to create new characters just as vivid as the old ones. While they wouldn’t have the nostalgic feel, they would give a jump start to a collection of games that is either ridiculing the player, calling him/her a five year old or insisting upon themselves that they are just as amazing as their 80’s counterpart.
    I honestly hope that the sales start to stagnate so that they will get off their butts and make worthwhile games that people WILL play and WILL continue to.

    Moving on to Microsoft, can I just get something out there right now? I’m sick of Microsoft throwing money around to buy out exclusivity rights. Rather than using Bill Gates’ power of the dollar bill to control the flow of games, I wish they would actually create a system or games that could truly live up to Sony’s capabilities. That’s how you win a console war. You make better games and you make a better system than the competitors. I have not come across a single multi platform game that runs better or smooth on the 360 than the PS3. Microsoft needs to get over its spending ability and really bring the 360 to its maximum capability. If the 360 really can’t handle today’s games the way the PS3 can do then they have two options. First, in a gamer’s opinion, they just bow out or make a system that can truly compete with the PS3. Two, in a business opinion, they do need to keep up the buying out of everything and use Master Chief to blow up Apple.
    Really though, out of all of those, the only ones I’m truly excited about are Assassin’s Creed 2 and Mass Effect 2, which may both be multi platform. In fact, I can’t think of any true exclusives to Microsoft this year I’m really excited about. KOTOR 3 does sound wonderful; there’s one. On a side note, what the hell has Rare done recently? I mean really, anything?

    Hm, now to Sony. Uncharted… Oh, how it was a good game until the random monster-demon-zombies. I do have to agree though that other than Uncharted 2 the PS3 has the best game line up. As far as RPGs, um, yes! We need some beautiful games such as those. I didn’t even know that White Knight was from Level 5, so that’s even better. Just in general though, I really am so much happier with Sony’s ability this year. (Oh, and Garrett, if there’s a prequel for Raiden, then the world may collapse in upon itself. Remember the blatant lameness on his character’s part in MGS 2.) I don’t really have anything about Sony really, just some awesomeness spread all around. this coming from a previous Nintendo fanboy.

    As far as third party, meh. They’ll do what they always do: whatever they want. To be honest, I started to zone out right around the end of the Sony portion. A few suggestions for you guys. First, I know there is bromance there, but don’t stare lovingly into each others’ eyes while talking. Talk to the audience and glance at each other. A few times there I thought there was going to be a lean in kiss. Second, break up the segments. The average internet user isn’t your friend and will sit through an hour hoping to hear what you have to say. I’d say five to ten minutes per post, tops. Third, Garrett, you’re a graphic designer. Make an interesting back drop behind you. I don’t want to get lost in the sea of your DVDs, haha. Aside from that guys, for a “director’s cut” it was very good. You both sound informed and have decent opinions.

    This is Brandon, signing off.

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